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May 10, 2006


Allison Shields

I wasn't making any assumption at all. There are certainly times when an apology is not appropriate. However, often apologies that are warranted and expected aren't given, and the refusal to apologize (or apologize appropriately) does grave harm to a business or other relationship.

I do think that there are times when it is appropriate to acknowledge another's position, express regret, or accept responsibility even where you do not believe you've done anything wrong, and I don't think that such a 'partial' apology (as Kellerman calls it), is necessarily insincere.

That being said, I do agree that insincere apologies are often harmful. However, I don't agree that being 'right' is always the most important issue.

Howard Bergerson

Everyone seems to want an apology nowadays. You assume, I think, and mistakenly so, that apologies are generally warranted, but they aren't necessarily.

If one has done nothing to be sorry for, there is no cause to apologize, regardless of how deserving the other person believes it to be.

Kellerman seems to suggest that apologies are appropriate even where there has been no wrong. This is the politically expedient utterance, in which an inherently insincere motive undermines the worth of the apology itself.

If one is in the right, then tough luck to the apparently aggrieved.

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