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November 02, 2006


Michelle Golden

Allison, great post! In particular, the following paragraph illustrates (from a customer service and expectation setting/managing perspective) the terrible affect of the "safety net" our precious billable hour has become.

"Often lawyers take on a case without fully investigating or exploring not only the facts surrounding the matter, but the client's specific expectations and values. One advantage of changing the pricing structure is that these longer and more detailed conversations will likely help lawyers pre-qualify clients better, alert them to potential problems earlier, and help them weed out ‘nightmare’ clients before they become a headache."

We skip these important conversations and the subsequent thinking about project depth and scope because we know that we won't "lose" later since we'll bill what it actually takes--timewise. This means the client loses because they go in blind--even more blind than us--but they are the ones shelling out for our poor understanding and planning.

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