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March 17, 2008


Lisa Solomon

Great tips on using testimonials, Allison.

To make website testimonials even more powerful, try using audio or video testimonials. If you're using an audio testimonial, accompany it with a picture of the speaker and a link to the speaker's website(where appropriate, of course; for example, if you do commercial litigation, a happy client might be very happy to get additional exposure for his business and a link back to his site). Lawyers' websites can be so text-heavy that adding this kind of content can break up the monotony and give you a good excuse to add some visual interest (since people connect with faces).

One advantage of using audio testimonials is that an audio testimonial can be given over the phone, and you can record it. A very easy (and free) way to do this is to use a teleconference line from http://www.freeconferencecall.com, which includes a free call recording feature (of course, you still have to get the audio file onto your computer). Another way to accomplish this is to buy a telephone recording adapter that plugs into your computer (I got mine at Radio Shack, just search for "telephone recording"), and use a free audio editor program like Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) to record and edit the testimonial.

To get the audio onto your website, you can use a paid hosting service like Audio Acrobat (www.AudioAcrobat.com), or a free hosting service like Odeo (http://www.odeo.com). You could also use a program like mp3 Sound Stream (http://www.mp3soundstream.com/), and host the audio files on your own website.

If you use pictures or videos of your "endorsers," make sure that you are also pictured on your site: you want site visitors to make the main connection with *you* after all.

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