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April 24, 2008


robert fligel

I enjoyed your post and must confess that I, like many, spend too much of my day "working off of email". Part of the reason is being conditioned to think that customer service and response time is expected to be asap. In the vast majority of cases, I know that isn't really necessaryand it would be quite possible to check email just a few times per day.

Let me share a tool I do find very powerful for desktop searching of emails. I use this quite often each day to quickly find information. You can search by date, sender, receiver, subject, contacts, attachments, key words and more. This is the one I use and I am sure there are others. Major time saver!


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Ben Glass

Here's a great book:

The Hamster Revolution

One of the big important points it makes is to train your email correspondents. Tell them how and when to email you. Seriously..

One training tip is, if an email is very short and answers or asks a question that can be done all in the subject line, put (EOM) at the end of the subject line

For example, an email that answers a question posed to you might say

Subj: "Yes, pleading was filed Thurs. (EOM)"

this way the recipient knows they don't even have to open the email. In fact, if they do open it, they won't find any message since teh entire message is contained in the subject line.

This all goes back to what I call "militant time management." Who are what are you letting into your life right this movement.

Frankly, if you feel stressed by not having enough time to get things done, it's time to call "time-out" and evaluate your life.

Another great book is Dan Kennedy's No. B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

Also, Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Work Week.

Ben Glass

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