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April 22, 2008


Allison Shields


I couldn't agree more. In fact, my teleseminar series, "How to Grow Your Law Practice on a Shoestring Budget" focuses on many of the issues you touched upon - determining your ideal clients, eliminating 'bad' clients, managing your time and setting appropriate boundaries with clients (and others) and learning how to focus your marketing and your services on high value clients.

Unfortunately, the current series is in progress (last class is Wednesday, April 23, 2008). But for those readers interested in the teleclass series, you can check out the home study version (you can get the whole series or just individual sessions) - look for "Grow Your Law Practice" in the sidebar for a link to the program.


Ben Glass

Here are some tips to avoid burnout:

1. decide who your perfect client is and market to attract them

2. say no to clients who don't meet your criteria. It's a trap to think "but, I need the work."

3. With you new found free time saying no to bad clients, work on your marketing. It improves the ratio of good clients to bad who come knocking at your door.

4. Guard your time militantly. You wouldn't let someone walk into your house and steal your TV, would you? Why do you let someone have access to you at all hours of the day or night by e-mail and cell phone. Stop that!

5. If you have too many clients, raise your prices or case selection criteria. Go ahead...you owe it to yourself your family and your "A" clients. Ironically, when you raise prices you actually attract better clients.

6. Recognize that the law is a business, not unlike most other businesses. Its there to be a tool for your financial security. Its just a tool -- I know, heresy to some, but the truth.

Ben Glass

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