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August 05, 2009


Randi Busse

Our client's perception of the experience they had with us is what matters most. If we think we provided them with a good experience and did a good job, that's one thing. However, since we want them to refer us, it's important that THEY think we did a good job and had a good experience.

We need to start looking at a complaint from a client as a gift and be thankful that the client is taking the time to let us know about something that they are not happy about. For if they don't complain, they leave, and they take their referrals with them!

Loretta Ruppert

I agree, sharing results with clients to get confirmation of the survey results is key. Based on my experience with strategic execution, it is critical to dig deep into what was said in order to get to the root cause. This often requires a follow up call with the participants asking "why" several times until you get to a point that is actionable.

Michael Zolno

If feedback is being obtained via a survey, it is also important to share the survey results with your clients. Even if the feedback is obtained in a less formal manner it would be useful to share it with clients. Most important, let your clients know how you will be improving service to become more client-centric.

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