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August 30, 2010



I recently moved, too. My big tips are:

1. Hire professionals you trust! I thought about going with a cheaper moving company but decided that having trust worthy movers was more important than saving a few hundred dollars. As it was, my move came in under budget because I was working with scrupulous movers who valued my time and respected my budget.

On the other hand, the cleaners were unknown to me and recommended by someone I only sort of knew. Because I hadn't planned ahead when finding cleaners for the apt. I moved out of I just went with them, and ended up not being pleased with the result.

2. Outsource as much as possible. I ended up hiring someone to help me unpack, since I wanted to be somewhat settled the same day I moved in. Paying someone (rather than having a friend help) allowed us both to be very efficient in our work and get a lot done. I am also having her do the research on the new town so I know where and how to get the stickers for the beach and the dump, etc.

3. Don't make client appointments that you don't immediately put in your calendar. Since I moved the day after Labor Day, everyone was finally "ready" to move forward with the legal work that they put off over the summer. While the movers were moving, I was on the phone and made a last minute appointment with someone that I didn't put in my calender. I forgot to show up at the office for it the next day since I was still dealing with post-move stuff. He was very understanding, but I was horrified. Either have an assistant field your phone calls that day or let them go to voice mail and return them when you aren't trying to do 87 other things.

4. Budget in extra time for everything. And get more boxes and tape than you think you'll need so you don't find yourself running to the drug store for more packing tape an hour before the movers show up.

5. Tell you bank or credit card that you are moving and may have several large charges. My bank card got a "risk hold" put on it because I was paying the movers and buying a washer and dryer on the same day and the sudden high expenses flagged it in the system. Not the hassle I needed in the midst of everything else. (The same can hold true if you are buying several large items for your business, call to give your bank a head's up so you aren't standing in the Apple Store trying to get through to the Risk Management Dept. to convince them it's really you trying to buy the iMac and iPad.)

6. Recognize a job well done (or not so well.) I made sure to have cash on hand to tip the movers and pay the people who were helping me, and I left them all reviews on Yelp so that others would know how great they were. I was lucky that most of the people I hired did a fantastic job, and I want to make sure that other people know about it.

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