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March 08, 2011


Jon D.


I think SAAS is excellent but I also think there are 2 other reasons lawyers resist it:

1. They already invested heavily in desktop practice management software and don't relish another tech change (it's a big job); and

2. Desktop practice management software still has more bells and whistles. I've done demos of several SAAS software options yet they don't quite manage documents like Time Matters and Amicus. That will change for sure, but it was a sticking point for me.

That said, SAAS ease-of-use is second-to-none and you can buy dedicated document management software to offset the SAAS limitations.

Project Management Software Tools

I am a software developer and I read your article. This is really informative to me. Now I am waiting for your next post.

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Technology is made for one thing, to make our lives easier and more effective. As it grows and companies continue to grow with it, these companies who are reluctant to using it are going to fall behind.

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