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August 08, 2012



This is really great article.I have read all carefully and get lots of useful tips and information from it.Link building is the most important strategy for SEO..Thanks

Landlord Responsibilities

The best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts can guide and assist you in link building strategies that will increase your website's visibility on the internet.

Lisa Chaves

I so agree with this. But one thing we always should be sure of consistency and relevancy, a relevant content, relevant links, and relevant domain.

Kevin Albrecht

This is a great article! I read both parts and am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of SEO, both current and older techniques. We're constantly telling our clients not to engage in black hat SEO, as we've found when we pick up new clients, they've often been optimizing their site in ways that Google now penalizes for. Education is key and I love that you're educating this niche!

If you have any free time, I'd love to chat more about your blog and what you do!

Gannons Solicitors

2 things seem to be hot for 2013 on this issue :-

1. active linkbuilding is bad news. By "active" I mean trying to artificially create links rather than just posting great copy.

2. understanding that google is becoming semantic and that content needs to be understandable by a machine as well as a human being as giving a rounded view on a topic.

link building in seo

Your articles are more than wow!

ブルガリ 指輪

Keep this going please, great job!

SEO Company New York

I posted your link on FB and a few other social media sites. I realize it is now after the book release, which is fine. I hope the links will help someone else. Keep up the good work.

michael webster

Lawyers need to understand what a back link strategy is. Most of their posts are evergreen, not tied to current events. When they see an current event that could be better understood by reference to their blog post, they need to link back and track the analytics.

seo marketing strategies

I liked your site.... Good work....

My lawyer online legal services

A great list and reminder - it's also worth pointing out that link diversity is important. This is achieved by connecting with your clients, perhaps guest blogging on their sites and in a diverse presence on the net. Google now knows if you are socially active. If you're not, don't expect to rank well in the long term.

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