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April 16, 2014



Wow--this is a great blog. You are spot on when it comes to social media and how it should be presented. I love your quote, "Social media is about providing relevant and valuable information to your audience, whether your audience consists of clients, potential clients, referral sources, colleagues journalists or others, and then engaging with those individuals to build relationships." According to my instructor in an ethics class, ""in terms of digital media, an organization must constantly evaluate itself, analyzing word usage, appropriateness, communication goals vs. ethical drawbacks, and cultural value/representation in order to maintain ethical communication practices and achieve company goals at the same time" (Digital Media in Organizations, 2014, Huss). As you stated in your blog post, the audience doesn't really care about hearing about a person or a company, unless it is going to help them. People are all about "me, me, me" and that must be taken into consideration when posting to social media. You must post with a viewer mindset by asking yourself, "Do I really care about this?"

Russell Hallam

You raise a very important and topical issue here - law firms have become acutely aware in the last decade, especially the last few years, of the importance of marketing. Clients are far more aware of the law and now look very closely at what the law firm and lawyers relevant experience is and track record, as it relates to that potential clients issue. It's the latter that now often makes the difference.

This in turn means there is a lot of pressure to publish and talk about case studies and success stories, which are very useful, but the problem is, as you say, how does that dovetail with client confidentiality and ethics? Simply not naming a client may be insufficient.

Of course, the obvious solution is to always seek client permission expressly.

The other interesting thing is the rush to publish - we are all publishers now and it's very tempting to post any good news as fast as possible on social media. Lawyers are no different to other businesses - no matter what the circumstance, sometimes pause and reflection are important, notwithstanding the pressure to keep publishing daily, by the hour, by the minute even !

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