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February 10, 2017


Allison C. Shields, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

Hi Antonina,

I'm not sure why you would want to create pseudo accounts on LinkedIn - not to mention that doing so would violate their terms of use - and I'm not quite sure what you mean by securing your account.

If you mean that you want to perform some activities on LinkedIn in a way that hides your identity (for example, so that people can't see that you are viewing their Profile), you can do so in your Settings. Go to settings (under Me) and click on Privacy. There you can change the settings to choose whether you are visible or viewing in private mode. Keep in mind that if you view others' Profiles in private mode, you won't get information on who has viewed your Profile.

You can also change privacy settings for who can see your connections, indicate whether you want the "viewers of this Profile also viewed" setting turned on, block or hide people, and more.

If this doesn't answer your question, let me know!


How do you secure your profile such that you dont have to create pseudo accounts every now and then

Evans Wepukhulu

Professionalism is fundamental on LinkedIn. Well articulated skill sets will give an individual an edge above the rest!


Stupid A-holes
View As is valuable
Now, every user must create a new fake profile to see what their profile looks like to other...
I guess it's a way of doubling users over night...


nice blog.

Allison C. Johs, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

Sorry for the late response, David, for some reason this comment got lost in the shuffle and I'm just seeing it now! Unfortunately, a lot of the analytics that you used to get on LinkedIn appear to have disappeared (at least for free accounts). You can still see some information, but it is a lot more limited. If you go to your activity and navigate to an individual article, you will see the # of clicks below the article. Click on that to get information about views, likes and comments, as well as a little information about who is clicking and how your article was found. But you are no longer seeing trending information or clicks over time.

You can also see the same information if you navigate to the article itself and click on the trending arrow to the far right at the to of the article.

David Leffler

I haven't been able to find the charts that they used to have that showed how many people viewed your articles each day and over periods of months and even a year or more. Did they disappear or are they hiding somewhere that I haven't yet found?

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